Do you need an effective logo design in a hurry, without it dragging out over months?

Does your current logo design need a refresh to bring it more inline with your vision for the business or changing business goals?

Agency Scotland is widely recognised as a leading logo design and brand development agency with creative and cutting edge designs that will take your business to a whole new level!

It is a common misconception that a company’s Corporate Identity starts and finishes with the company’s logo.

This is not the case.

A full Corporate Identity is the “persona” of a company. It is a philosophy that should be implemented throughout the entire business, and ensures that the way the business and the public world perceive your company is consistent and professional at all levels of its dealings, thus helping to achieve your business objectives.

Your brand will be visible in so many ways and Agency Scotland has the experience and talent to become the design partner of your dreams. Whether you’re a dynamic new venture looking for the full monty or an established organisation wanting to upgrade your wow factor, Agency Scotland offers exceptional creativity and fanatical customer service.

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What does your logo design say about your company?

Does it do you justice in exuding confidence, professionalism and credibility? Image is everything and we believe that strong brand recognition relies heavily on continuity, style and proper execution through every medium utilised.

Latest Projects

A few examples from our extensive logo design and branding portfolio.

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Logo Design Glasgow | Scotland

Agency Scotland are a Glasgow based logo design and branding agency with clients throughout Scotland and the UK.


You’re passionate about your business, and we’re excited about what your business can do in a digital world.

To get started with your logo design and branding project call Kenny Ball on 07770 955 431 for a chat or use our contact form and we’ll show you how easy it is to work together to build momentum for your business and maximise results, revenue and brand value.

Who We Are

Agency Scotland is a logo design and WordPress web development agency based out of Glasgow, Scotland, founded by Kenny Ball.

Agency Scotland combine creativity with strategic thinking to empower brands, gain awareness and increase revenue. Call Kenny Ball on 07770 955 431 for a chat.